Diesel Vehicle Fuel Refunds

Beginning July 1, 2013, diesel fuel purchased in Virginia for use in a qualifying vehicle may be eligible for a refund. The refund amount is the difference between the tax rate on diesel and the tax rate on gasoline in place at the time of the fuel purchase(s). Qualifying vehicles include diesel passenger cars, pickup or panel trucks, and trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less.

To receive a larger refund, accumulate fuel receipts and apply for the total gallons of your accumulated receipts. Tax rates in Virginia may fluctuate every six months therefore the refund period must be separated for each six-month period (January - June and July - December). The fuel receipts must not exceed twelve months from the date the refund claim is received by DMV.

IMPORTANT: Fuel receipts must be submitted for each diesel vehicle refund claim.

Calculating an Estimated Refund

To calculate an estimated refund amount, enter the total gallons for all diesel fuel purchases as listed on your receipts.

NOTE: The calculation uses the current diesel fuel refund rate, which may be different from the rate in effect when the fuel was purchased.

You must enter a numerical amount

Estimated Refund Amount: {{theAmount * .091 | currency:"$"}} *Estimate based on current rate only.

Current Diesel Fuel Refund Rate .091

What You Will Need to Apply

Required Information on Fuel Receipts

In order to qualify for a refund, the receipts must be legible and must include the following:

NOTE: Credit card receipts must also contain the required information listed above.

Bulk Storage

If a business or individual fuels a qualifying diesel vehicle from a bulk storage tank, then an itemized fuel disbursement record along with the invoices for the bulk fuel purchases must be included with the refund application. A personal disbursement list or the DMV Itemized Statement of Bulk Fuel Use (Form TS-218) may be used to submit this information.

Applying for a Refund

There are two ways to apply for a refund:

To receive a refund, please send diesel fuel receipts and all itemized fuel disbursement records, if applicable. Applicants are required to maintain records for up to four years to support refund claim(s). As some fuel receipts fade over time, copies of the receipts are acceptable in place of the originals.

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