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Repaired/Rebuilt Vehicle Examinations

Examination Requirement

Repaired or rebuilt salvage vehicles must be examined before a certificate of title is issued. For your convenience, ensure all repairs are completed prior to the scheduled examination.

Scheduling a Repaired/Rebuilt Vehicle Examination

To schedule a repaired or rebuilt vehicle examination, submit the following documents and fees:

  • Original Virginia Salvage Certificate in your name
  • Original Request for Examination of Repaired or Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle (LES 022A)
  • $125.00 Examination fee
  • $10.00 Substitute title fee

The above documents and fees must be mailed to:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Vehicle Branding Work Center
  • P.O. Box 27412
  • Richmond, Virginia 23269-0001

A DMV Special Agent will contact you to schedule an appointment to examine your repaired or rebuilt salvage vehicle. Once the salvage vehicle has passed the examination, the DMV Special Agent will give you the new certificate of title with the appropriate brand.

If you plan to apply for a vehicle registration, please allow 24 hours from the receipt of your certificate of title for the vehicle record to be updated before visiting a DMV Customer Service Center or DMV Select office.

Branding of the Certificate of Title

Salvage vehicles with an estimated cost of repair of 75 percent or less of actual cash value will receive a certificate of title branded as "REPAIRED". Salvage vehicles with an estimated cost of repair more than 75 percent, but not exceeding 90 percent of actual cash value will receive a certificate of title branded as "REBUILT". The "REPAIRED" or "REBUILT" brand is permanent and will be carried forward to each title issued for the life of the vehicle.

Selling a Repaired or Rebuilt Vehicle

In the future, if you choose to sell the vehicle, you must provide the new purchaser with your certificate of title signed over to the purchaser and a "Rebuilt Vehicle Disclosure Statement" (VSA 59).

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